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Re: Max in hardware?

Title: Re: Max in hardware?
I’m thinking more along the lines of what Richard is looking for...

While controller mapping is nice, I already own several boxes that can do that (MTP, DMC MX-8, etc...)

Some examples of things I’d like to do that I haven’t seen that I would like to do:
Change the rate of a control change messages (multiply values by 2 or 3) while clamping them into a range.

Map a controller to one channel while mapping it’s inverse to another controller on another channel.

Generate custom pre-programmed arpeggios per-note or by velocity.

Generate MIDI without an event, on it’s own (play a looping pre-programmed sequence).

Generate MIDI notes based on a random function, synched to midi clock.

Create volume groups (map a volume change on one channel to a volume change on several other channels at the same time).

I’ve done all the above with early versions of max, but I haven’t seen anything else that could more than one of these things.  The point is that I want full control of MIDI from input to output in a visually programmable way (a la max) that I can download into a little box to run my midi programs (a la Nord Modular).

I know that this is absolutely possible, it just hasn’t been done yet.

Ideally, I’d like it in a MicroModular sized box as well, but that might just be wishful thinking... :)


On 11/9/01 9:56 AM, "Richard Zvonar" <zvonar@zvonar.com> wrote:

I'm wondering about Continuous Controller mapping. Much of my work in Max has been to remap streams of data, e.g. convert a stream of controller messages from a fader or pedal into a stream of system exclusive messages to control the parameters of a TC2290 delay. Is this supported? Your description isn't explicit but hints at the possibility:

Any type of MIDI event may be inserted into a Pad's Event buffers; Notes, MIDI CC, PgmChg, Sysex Sequence Control. These events may be played as a group from a single trigger, as a sequence, or stepped through on multiple hits. Many options here.

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