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RE: Max in hardware?

Midisolutions makes some great little boxes but they are essentially
single solution boxes and are not meant to be reprogrammed on the fly,
or with multiple recallable programmed configurations.  For example, I
have a box called the footswitch controller that can be programmed to
perform a number of tasks (like transposing the midi stream) but once it
is programmed for that task, that is the only thing it will do.

It seems to me that something like the JL Cooper MSB+ or the DMC MX-8
programmable midi patchbays could be used for specialized remappings,
etc. on the fly without necessarily using the full routing capabilities
of these devices.


> I've always wanted such a thing, but it's been a while since I looked.
> So I was happy when I found this site a few moments ago:

If it works the way they say it does, it opens up all sorts of
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