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Re: CD Mastering Conundrum Continues

Andy- no- I had 1 track that needed to have a track change in the middle-
the other tracks on the album were separate- sorry for the confusion-

So- yes indeed in WaveLab you can very easily take 1 seamless audio track
and drop markers all over it and when you load it in your cd player it will
look like 10 tracks yet it is only 1 -


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> Thanks to all replies.
> But still much remains unexplained.
> I used Nero to burn the CD, so could set the gap to 0s.
> I used "disk at once"
> I did edit at zero crossing.
> ..but there's still the issue of the transfer changing the length of the
> which makes editing at zero crossing a waste of time.
> Cliffs WaveLab looks like it may be an option, but
> ...hey Cliff, didn't you do that with tracks that were separated by
> anyway
> ( well that's how it looked to me when I read your post)
> Per's Jam software looks like it could do the business,
> as it does crossfades it must deal with the problem.
> (if only it ran on PC)
> So I'm still asking :-
> 1) How can you know in advance what the transfer from .wav to CD is going
> do to the length of the file.
> I notice that commercial CDs that segue don't have the track changeover 
> the zero crossing point (so they click if you just play one track, at the
> start and end), and can only assume that it wouldn't be possible to
> this.
> Well thanks again each of the replies
> andy butler