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Re: Central Coast Loop Festival

  I would very much like to participate in this event!  I live 45 minutes 
south of SF, so I can drive down no problem.  I've been working hard on my 
looping chops and I'd do a looped percussion show.  I'm also willing to 
share reasonable amounts of expenses on renting the space to make this 
a free one.  I have cherished the moments I've spent with other loopers so 
far, and I'm looking foward to many more.

>I think I've found a good spot for the first Central Coast Loop
>Festival.  It's a dance studio in San Luis Obispo, CA (approximately
>four hours from San Francisco and three from Los Angeles on the 101).
>It's basically a warehouse type of space, but I can get it cheap (I'd
>like for this to be a free event) and it should be large enough for our
>purpose.  The studio is available after 4pm on Saturdays, so I'm
>considering a one-evening type of event.  I'm hoping that this can be a
>central meeting place for loopers from California and beyond.
>February/March  is the time frame I'm shooting for - let's call it March
>2nd.  I'll provide the PA, unless anyone has Special Needs.
>Anyone interested in participating, please send me an e-mail.  This will
>not commit you to anything, but it will give ma an idea of how many
>people are likely to be involved.  I'll also welcome any comments and
>suggestions, and answer any questions to the best of my ability.
>Keep on Looping,
>Hans Lindauer

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