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RE: recent favourites

Cool list,

1. BT - R&R: Disc 2 is my favorite. This guy is an audio editing &
production maniac. Read the interview in Keyboard this month, you'll get 

2. Herbie Hancock - Future2Future: Bill Laswell and Herbie team up again to
bring Future Shock up to date. Colaborations with DJs and electronic
musicians. Tasty piano on this one and some amazing playing by Wayne 

3. Aphex Twin - Drukqs: over 100 minutes of long overdue material. Pretty
much what you would expect from AT

4. Nils Petter Molvaer - Khmer: What it would sound like if Miles Davis
solo'd over the soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ.

5. Coltrane - Olatunji: Coltrane's last recorded live performance. Terrible
sound quality, but some of his most inspired live playing I've ever heard.

If you talk to me next week I might have a completely different list. My 
just gave me his turntable & vinyl collection...over 11 feet of albums! I
get my eclectic taste in music from him, so I think I'm in for a treat. 

Buzz is amazing, I once had the pleasure of demoing in the booth next to 
at NAMM. Talk about performance anxiety...He was playing and the CEO of the
company I was working for at the time wanted me to turn up to drown him
out...that didn't happen, and that CEO is now looking for work.

That In a Silent way remix is also on another disc I've been listening to
lately "Panthalassa: the Remixes." 5 remixes of the Miles Davis tracks
remixed by Bill Laswell.



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hey loophedz,

gotta get something resembling work done today.  if y'all want to, 
list up 5 recent faves you've been listening to.  something old, 
something new, something nice?  here's mine:

1.  The Dub Factory: Revolution.  Qawali meets roots reggae.  ISHQ 
Records, 2000.  This is a mix of dancehall style dub with a Quwalli 
singer doing stuff on the top.  a quirky mix that just makes you 
smile, and then the cool groove of it all settles in...good 
production, not too cheezy.  presented by Bally Sagoo, who can be 
cheezy, at times.  finally figured out how to get that dub delay 
style down via logic and live on my mixer.  such a great sound.

2.  Lalo Schifren:  Mission Impossible and more!  best of, 62-72.  Oh 
man, this one swings.  a different mix of the tv show theme on the 
last track, with dissonnant horn stabs that sound like straight from 
a fight scene of the old tv show 'Batman'.  cool other tracks like 
'Maria', 'theme from 'medical center'', and 'lalo's bossa nova'.

3.  Soundtrack:  O Brother Where art thou?

4.  Richard Peikoff and Buzz Feiten EP.  personal plug here.  this 
disc is a five song ep from my guitar instructor, mr. peikoff. 
awesome, beautiful acoustic duo with buzz feiten, who is responsible 
for designing a unique tuning system for the quitar which supposedly 
has superior intonation.  adopted by washburn and a few other guitar 
manufacturers.  besides all that, this is a great record.  richard 
also has a new one coming out mixed by LD's own cliff novey.  look 
out!...  cliff might have richard's web address.  i don't think i've 
got it at the moment.

5.  Soundtrack:  Finding Forrester.  miles, frissell, and others, 
with 2 ornette coleman tracks i shamefully skip past (every time! i 
think i'm gonna reburn a new mix without those tracks).  plus a remix 
of 'in a silent way' by DJ Cam.  why do we insist on adding beats to 
everything, these days?  great disc, IMO.