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Re: CD Mastering Conundrum

Yes, definitely use "disc at once".

In my case, I had a minidisc recording that I broke up into seperate tracks
via the MD editing facilities.  Then I transferred each track into a
seperate .WAV file.  I used CoolEdit to trim the .WAV files.

It worked fine except for an additional "gotcha" -  When I saved the files
from CoolEdit, I needed to not save "additional info".  This is some option
you either select or deselect (I'm not in front of my CoolEdit box right
now).  When I burned a CD with "disc at once" *and* the files had the
"additional info", then the burner software apparently doesn't strip the
additional info, and I got a burst of noise at each splice.

When I resaved the files without the "additional info" and burned another
disc, the splice points were inaudible.

Dennis Leas