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Re: CD Mastering Conundrum

Could you open the .wav in an editing app (SoundForge, et al), zoom in on
the click and tweak it out, or is the does the click happen OUTSIDE the
file itself during the transition? If it's the latter, you may have to
manually divide the track, making sure to cut on the null point.


At 04:22 AM 11/8/01 EST, you wrote:
>Anyone out there know the answer to this?
>When mastering a Loop CD with a 60min evolving loop performance I had
>splitting the long piece into 6 tracks ( he wanted this to help him listen
>the various sections.
>I split the track up into 6 .wav files (Cool Edit Pro) and then 
>onto CD (Nero), with 0s pause beween tracks.
>This produced clicks on the changes from one track to another.