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RE: CD Mastering Conundrum

Hey Andy-

I recently learned how to do this without editing the original file at all-
I did it in Wavelab- you just drop track markers in and you are on your 
the markers can be 1 of many choices- start, end, simple track boundary,

Anyway- the original file remains in one piece but once in the cd player 
will see tracks where you dropped markers- and I burned it right from
WaveLab and set it to 0s between tracks for the files I had that were
separated as I had lead-in and lead-out already in the tracks themselves-

I looked in CoolEdit Pro and didn't see any options for burning, cd program
creation, or markers-


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Subject: CD Mastering Conundrum

Anyone out there know the answer to this?

When mastering a Loop CD with a 60min evolving loop performance I had
splitting the long piece into 6 tracks ( he wanted this to help him listen
the various sections.
I split the track up into 6 .wav files (Cool Edit Pro) and then reassembled
onto CD (Nero), with 0s pause beween tracks.
This produced clicks on the changes from one track to another.

I  know why this happens, because the CD format works with blocks of
so if your .wav is not an exact number of blocks in length it will be
This means that the rejoined sections are then discontinuous, so there's a

I notice that on commercial CDs that segue (most of Zappa's for instace) 
transition is OK, but if you play just one track there's often a click at
beginning or end. I assume this is because the tracks were edited ro 
the right length for the CD format, and this meant that the change from
to track would only fall onto a zero crossing point by chance.

Does anyone have the info
1)How to get round this?
2) How to calculate the length for a .wav file so that there's no
3) What is the Block size?
4) There also seems to be an issue with the CD format trimming a very small
section from the beginning of a .wav, anyone know what's going on here.

Well the guy I did the mastering for couldn't hear the clicks, but I reckon
this is an issue for the making of loop CDs generally, as it seems very
natural to want to split a long piece into manageable tracks (at least some
of the time).


andy butler