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SV: CD Mastering Conundrum


You have to use a cd burning software that is capable of burning "disc at
once" and set the silence between the files/programs to "0" seconds.

I was in the same situation as you the other day and I had to move all the
wave files from the studio PC to my Mac Powerbook to let the program Jam
handle the cd burning. I think cd mastering softwares are also crossfading
between the files/programs when burning.


Per Boysen

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> Anyone out there know the answer to this?
> When mastering a Loop CD with a 60min evolving loop performance I
> had trouble
> splitting the long piece into 6 tracks ( he wanted this to help
> him listen to
> the various sections.
> I split the track up into 6 .wav files (Cool Edit Pro) and then
> reassembled
> onto CD (Nero), with 0s pause beween tracks.
> This produced clicks on the changes from one track to another.
> I  know why this happens, because the CD format works with blocks
> of samples,
> so if your .wav is not an exact number of blocks in length it will be
> truncated.
> This means that the rejoined sections are then discontinuous, so
> there's a
> click.
> I notice that on commercial CDs that segue (most of Zappa's for
> instace) the
> transition is OK, but if you play just one track there's often a
> click at the
> beginning or end. I assume this is because the tracks were edited
> ro exactly
> the right length for the CD format, and this meant that the
> change from track
> to track would only fall onto a zero crossing point by chance.
> So:-
> Does anyone have the info
> 1)How to get round this?
> 2) How to calculate the length for a .wav file so that there's no
> truncation?
> 3) What is the Block size?
> 4) There also seems to be an issue with the CD format trimming a
> very small
> section from the beginning of a .wav, anyone know what's going on here.
> Well the guy I did the mastering for couldn't hear the clicks,
> but I reckon
> this is an issue for the making of loop CDs generally, as it seems very
> natural to want to split a long piece into manageable tracks (at
> least some
> of the time).
> thanks
> andy butler