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music - ethnic, Isreal/Hebrew/?

Someone once asked a question a long time ago about finding some cool
world-techno-type music, a little bit experimental, with a definite
Hebrew(?) influence on it.  I think I found it.  Go to AMG 
(http://www.allmusic.com/), and search on "Forgiveness" (appears to
be both album title and group title there).  Last track is a long 
synthy loop-based production.  Blissful.

I did a search in the archives on "Israel", "Hebrew", and "Jewish",
but I'm not finding the original post, and, unfortunately, I just
started using a new computer, so I don't have my own archives 
through which to search, so sorry if this is redundant, and whoever
it is, please post.  It's been kind of bugging me.  (-:
I remain,
:-Peter aka :-Dusty :-Chalk