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Re: Help! (EDP footswitch problem)

Sounds like the switches on my Tech 21 amp switch pedal - I love them- I
think I'll call Tech up and find out- and change my EDP switches as well-
*Note- I had a malfunctioning record button awhile back- saturated it with
"Pro Gold" and fixed it up perfectly- love that spray- it is my friend.


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> stevesandberg@earthlink.net writes:
> >Does anyone know of better switches that I could use for my EDP 
> >instead of the standard mouser ones that keep breaking?
> i've got these big, metal 'non-clicking' thingies in my EDP-footpedal;
> unfortunately, i've no idea what they're called --- nor the source,
> as chris davis (of fishkill/wappingers falls, ny) did the mod for me.
> one does hafta wonder why, after all these years of EDP-manufacture, the
> stock units haven't been upgraded???
> best,
> dt / s-c