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Re: Loop Shirts, Second Run:Final Call

>  >i must admit i'm suspicious of these sites that offer something for
>>free that requires manpower, organizing, manufacturing and
>>distribution.  no one works for free, so the costs are hidden
>That's the $14 base price per shirt.

yup.  shirts can be bought wholesale for about 2-3 dollars for 
quality products.

i think jason's costs per shirt were down in the 7-9 dollar range by 
the time he got finished... he would need to confirm, but i think 
we're giving LD a few dollars per shirt AFTER shipping costs.

so if kim is sporting some expensive jewelry or riding in a hot car 
at namm, we know where the money went!  at least he'll see us coming 
with our shirts on and he can duck out... be sure that $300/hr 
prostitute wears low heels, kim, or we'll catch up to you and beat 
the cash outta ya...

i do like the idea of being able to produce limited numbers of 
promotional items at a fixed cost.  that's sweet.  a local printer 
would absolutely gouge you to make one offs or very limited runs.