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Re: CD Mastering Windows Software

I have to say I have not ever had results like you describe with T-Racks
unless the Comp/Limiter settings were extreme- to call it "completely
unusable" would be a diservice to this product IMO- my 2 ciggadies. Ozone
sounds cool- cheers for the heads up-


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Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 4:15 PM
Subject: Re: CD Mastering Windows Software

> Hi all,
>     Long time no see.
> > I just found a new mastering plug-in that I'm probably going to start
> using.
> > It's by Izotope and the plug-in is named Ozone.
> > http://www.thedirectxfiles.com/manufacturers/iz_ozone.htm. The sound
> quality
> > is awesome (it uses 64-bit processing) and it features a paragraphic 
> > loudness maximizer, multiband dynamics, multiband stereo imager (keep
> > bass tight, spread the harmonics, etc), multiband harmonic exciter, a
> > mastering reverb, and spectrum and phase meters all in one plug-in. I
> really
> > like the interface, you'll need to see it to understand.
> >
> I agree. This is the best all-in-one mastering tool I've seen yet - 
> T-rex, (which sounds awful IMHO - so much pumping and wobbliness -
> completely unusable). If you have the cpu for it, it's currently the last
> word in mastering. It's almost more intuitive, though nothing about
> multiband compression and eq will ever be completely devoid of some
> around in the dark for me :>
> > My only complaint is that it's really processor intensive, and I can
> > run 4 or 5 of its effects simultaneously in SONAR on my decrepit 
> II
> > - 333 MHz with 384 MB of RAM. I'm running SONAR on a system under its
> > minimum requirements so I guess I shouldn't complain.
> >
> Yes -  it's a total hog, but that's to be expected - you are running the
> equivalent of 8 64-bit plugins back-to-back. Ouch.
> You say you are mastering in sonar. I assume you are you mixing down
> I would recomend using an offline editor, such as sound forge, to use all
> the processes at once. Using my almost similarly decrepit dual PII 400, I
> take snippets of the song, stuff them together to make a shorter, newer
> with representative portions of each part plus any trouble spots, master
> that file, and then master the original with the same settings.
> Jonathan