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Re: Loop Shirts, Second Run:Final Call

>thanks for the tip!  i hadn't seen that site before.

I must admit, you grasped the gist of the site and some of its inherent
drawbacks quite quickly, from a standing start.

>i must admit i'm suspicious of these sites that offer something for
>free that requires manpower, organizing, manufacturing and
>distribution.  no one works for free, so the costs are hidden

That's the $14 base price per shirt.  As with mp3.com (okay, not as happy
an example as one might want,) they take advantage of the low cost of file
storage and print to order, so there's no storage overhead.  (And I don't
feel blue 'cuz there's a zillion of my CDs or shirts rotting in a warehouse

I'm not much of a t-shirt guy, myself, tho their shirts seem higher quality
than county fair fare.  What I lo-o-ove cafepress for are the coffee cups.
(Anybody here drink coffee?)

That, and the ability to create silly stuff on a whim.

>internet businesses that worked on the principle of
>needing maximum usage to recoup for minimal profit margins are
>quickly finding themselves out of business when folks didn't come
>rushing in in the numbers they expected.

They've been going for at least three years.

(My sites with them are http://www.cafepress.com/justjohn_g and
http://www.cafepress.com/justjohn_t .)
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