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Re: Loop Shirts, Second Run:Final Call

>I came in late, so I don't know:  Did you consider cafepress.com for this?
>* just-john@just-john.com  http://just-john.com/cn/rfe.shtml *


thanks for the tip!  i hadn't seen that site before.  however, the 
main motivation for this excercise was to get us all our shirts we've 
been screaming for, and to feed kim as much of the proceeds as 

on the cafepress site, shirts are 14 bucks base cost.  which means a 
significant amount on top of that to get anything to kim and LD. 
plus, they are printing digitally on the shirts, which means only 
white or ash shirts only, and (from my experience), not much 
longevity on the print.

a screenprinted white logo on dark shirts, if done correctly, will 
last until the shirt is coming apart at the seams...

it would have been interesting if we had known about this site from 
the beginning and maybe could have worked around their 
advantages/disadvantages, but i think jason's done a great job 
working with his local printer!

i must admit i'm suspicious of these sites that offer something for 
free that requires manpower, organizing, manufacturing and 
distribution.  no one works for free, so the costs are hidden 
somewhere.  internet businesses that worked on the principle of 
needing maximum usage to recoup for minimal profit margins are 
quickly finding themselves out of business when folks didn't come 
rushing in in the numbers they expected.  this is my humble opinion 
only.  your mileage may vary.

thanks again,