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Re: Loop Shirts!

Blue and candy apple hair easy to spot?  HA!  Not in San Francisco.  :-)  I
might be easier to spot: glasses, 6'4" with light brown hair (going 
gray) down to my waist tied in a pony tail AND a Maroon LD t-shirt.  My
ticket is for the floor.


on 11/6/01 1:17 PM, Mark Sottilaro at sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

> I'm there.  Easy to spot.  Blue hair.  Wife will have candyapple red 
> Come say hello.
> Mark Sottilaro
> Allan Hoeltje wrote:
>> Jason,
>> Thank you 100% for the fantastic T-Shirt, I will wear it with pride!  In
>> fact, it will make its first outing at the King Crimson show in San
>> Fransico, Nov. 14.  (Anyone else going?  Maybe we could do a Bay Area 
>> photo after the show for the "synthetic LD picnic"?)
>> -Allan