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Re: Help! (EDP foot switch solution)

>I was wondering if anyone in NYC could help me with this.  I now own three
>(3!) EDP pedals -- because the switches keep breaking.  I have a set of
>replacement switches and want to learn how to solder them so I can do my 
>maintenance.  Can anyone in NY teach me how to do this -- I'll pay you for
>your time.  Thanks!

you gave up the funny big letters, Steve? I started really liking them ;-)

Its obvious that you need a better solution. Better switches do 
exist. Apparently they are too expensive for manufacturing, but 
certainly not for you with all those hassles.

I am not familiar with the US part market, but I am sure that someone 
on this list knows a better solution.

The conditions are simple:
- short action to be rithmically acurate
- resistent.

I keep repeating:
At Paradis we used to modify a Bespeco (Roland kind) of Foot Switch 
with a tiny disc switch like used in computer keyboards. The are 
sealed and thus dont oxidate, have the nice short action and cost 
almost nothing. But they need protection. The Bespeco switch has this 
large plastic lever and with two aditional plastic pieces it can be 
modified to the action of the new switch (we actually bought 100 of 
them unmounted, to have them cheaper)
This would be a decent and usefull business for some unemployed silicon 

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org