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RE: CD Mastering Windows Software


I'm interested to hear how you master in Pro Tools free? I was under the
impression that it doesn't really include much more than basic editing

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I tried out the alesis master-link and I found its user interface 
_extremely_ frustrating.  Check out ProToolsFree (a free download from 
digidesign.com).  I use this for all my mixing and mastering and I have 

very happy.  Add a CD-R drive and you're in buissness for $1200 less than 

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>Subject: CD Mastering Windows Software
>Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 11:18:46 EST
>Hi, all:
>I was toying with the idea of getting one of the Alesis Masterlinks for 

>purpose of being able to fool around with playlists. I like to try 
>permutations of my songs when creating CD-R's. The Masterlink seems like 
>good tool. By the way, most of my stuff is presently on zip disks from a 
>Roland VS-840EX. Some have been copied into my PC from a TASCAM 788, as 
>By the same token, I have a fast PC with a lot of storage that's not 

>much use. I could bring my songs into the PC and use some suitable 

>to do the same function. What software, though?
>Regards, Paul
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