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SV: cd's with long loops

Hi Lori,

I put out a cd like this. It's distributed by

And here's another (old) info page from the time before SoundEndgine
licensed it
with some demo clips and a full index as well.

Not much acoustic though, but quite some "preparated" electric guitar, both
ambient and rather aggressive. Each drone evolves over a couple of minutes
"on the edge of acoustic feedback".


Per Boysen

> Hi
> I need help.
> Can anyone tell me of audio cd programs for sale that sell
> acoustic guitar,
> electric guitar, and other instruments as lengthy long loops
> (more than 20,
> 30 seconds-THE LONGER THE BETTER).
> If you know of a specific cd title and manufacturer I would
> appreciate the
> help.
> Thanks
> Lori