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RE: CD Mastering Windows Software

I do my mastering in SONAR (I work for Cakewalk so I'm biased) with Waves
Native Gold Bundle plug-ins. I find the C4 compressor to be essential to my
mastering process.

I just found a new mastering plug-in that I'm probably going to start 
It's by Izotope and the plug-in is named Ozone.
http://www.thedirectxfiles.com/manufacturers/iz_ozone.htm. The sound 
is awesome (it uses 64-bit processing) and it features a paragraphic EQ,
loudness maximizer, multiband dynamics, multiband stereo imager (keep the
bass tight, spread the harmonics, etc), multiband harmonic exciter, a
mastering reverb, and spectrum and phase meters all in one plug-in. I 
like the interface, you'll need to see it to understand.

My only complaint is that it's really processor intensive, and I can only
run 4 or 5 of its effects simultaneously in SONAR on my decrepit Pentium II
- 333 MHz with 384 MB of RAM. I'm running SONAR on a system under its
minimum requirements so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Take care,


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Hi, all:

I was toying with the idea of getting one of the Alesis Masterlinks for the
purpose of being able to fool around with playlists. I like to try various
permutations of my songs when creating CD-R's. The Masterlink seems like a
good tool. By the way, most of my stuff is presently on zip disks from a
Roland VS-840EX. Some have been copied into my PC from a TASCAM 788, as

By the same token, I have a fast PC with a lot of storage that's not seeing
much use. I could bring my songs into the PC and use some suitable software
to do the same function. What software, though? 

Regards, Paul

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