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Video Performances 11.6.01 and 11.10.01, Before the Fall 11.17.01


I'll be performing video improvisations (Boston area)  with Bop Ants 
and fellow video artist Walter Wright tonight (Tuesday 11.6.01) at 
Sydneys, 337 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA, starting around 9PM.

This coming Saturday I will be at the Berwick Gallery with a larger 
cast of (as yet) unindicted co-conspirators.

sat nov 10, 8pm - midnite, at the Berwick Institute

Noh TV:
Marc Bisson     - prepared guitar
Katt Hernandez  - violin
dj c            - turntables
dj flack        - turntable + electronics
marilda castro  - movement
deiX            - performance
Sabrina         - film loops
drT             - video
Walter Wright   - video

- w2

The Berwick is located in Dudley Square, Roxbury.
14 Palmer Street off of Washington Street
Directions available on line.

I will have a slide and video installation "Before the Fall -- Images 
of the World Trade Center" at the Mobius fundraising party on 11.17.

Hope to see some of you there.

"Trouble ahead, trouble behind,
           and you know that notion just crossed my mind"
      --  Robert Hunter

Visit "Before the Fall -- Images of the World Trade Center" at 

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