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Re: Mixman Studio Pro?

 I found it to be pretty limited in what it can do.  OK, for synching
some audio to a midi clock, but unless you need to control it in a live
situation, you might as well stay in Logic.  I downloaded Live by
Ableton and it seems a bit more sophisticated than Mixman.  Maybe even
more so than Phrazer, as it seems to be geared for live performance.  Of
course, none of these other programs approach $40.

Mark Sottilaro

rich wrote:

> hi all,
> i saw mixman studio pro on audiomidi.com for 50 bucks, and it's even
> cheaper at musician's friend...only 40 bucks.
> i'm on a mac, using logic as my main recording interface, but this
> program seems like it might be fun to mangle up wav files and such,
> then reimport back in.
> is anybody using this program?  is it really cheezy?  i definitely
> would like to mess with at least 44.1/16bit files.
> any input would be appreciated...
> best,
> rich