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RE: nyc loopfest thoughts

Bill wrote:

> The Old office in the Knitting Factory might be ideal.  It's small but
> not tiny like the Knitactive room.  It's out of the main flow of people
> so business, talks, etc could be conducted there.  It's got a casual
> stage - i.e., one wouldn't feel too weird walking on or off while in the
> middle of a jam.  There's a bar...  They rarely seem to have anything
> too great in there anyway!  

Good idea.

Yes, it does seem to be rather underutilized (though I did
see Richard Pinhas there... !)  (and Steve Sandberg from 
this list come to think of it.)

> Do you have any idea how many people would even be interested in
> attending?  

Attending as in playing?  about 18 at this time.
Attending as in a conference?  unknown.
Attending as in audience? unknown!



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