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Hi there,

I've visited the website a few times over the past few years, and now I've
joined the list.

I'm not what you'd call a hard-core looper, but I've been at it a long
time.  Imagine a day in 1974, when I took two borrowed reel-to-reel decks,
a Sony 366 and a Sony 377 (both tilted from the vertical) and ran a tape
from the feed reel of one to the take-up reel of the other, about 12 feet
away.  That was quite the echo!

Among the disgracefully lo-fi RealAudios on the web site in my sig (below),
is one named after the date on which it was recorded, 7/4/1984.  It's a
mono mixdown of four tracks of VL-Tone (remember those?  It's a sequencer!
It's a calculator!) thru my Effectron II.

And more recently, the Ampcast and Artistlaunch links in the aforementioned
web site will lead you to things involving jhno's Looper software.  "Last
Call for Archimedes" is a pretty straight (okay, inebriated) case of live
looping of my Handsonics while making up nonsense to say ...  "Surge" has
more post-production and overdubs, as well as pre-written text.  "Is Your
News Safe?" is similar.
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