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Re: Repeater Memory & Flash Cards?

A 128M CFC will give you about 24 minutes of recording time.
I believe there is also a limit of 8 minutes per loop.

WAM wrote:

> Hi, I'm new to looping machines outside of a computer & am interested in
> the Repeater.
> I've read all sorts of  things, but I'm unclear as to the full use of  
> flash card & it's memory.    I plan to use the repeater live with
> percussion, so I'm curious to know if the memory of the Repeater is 
> or if it can use the flash card as ram allowing you to create 4 track 
> over several minutes or more?    My aim isn't to store them as such
> although that is always useful, but to have the facility to improvise 
> expanding loops.    I've tried one out, the first loop on track one being
> one bar, I then added parts on tracks two & three.   I then double the
> lenght to 2 bars on track 4, so tracks 1,2,3 are just repeating their one
> bar loop, meaning it's not using the memory of four  two bar tracks.
> Until I decide to overdub to either 1,2,or 3, then all of a sudden as the
> they become full length loops the memory usage is increased.    If I then
> decide to double it again to four bars, the same thing happens as I turn
> them all into four bar length loops, again to eight bars & so on it  
> needing lots of memory.     So that's why I'm curious to know if I go 
>out &
> buy a 128mb CFC card as well, will that solve this problem?    I'm 
> it will, if not are there any suggestions, I live in Australia & there's
> not as much choice when it comes to seeing & trying expensive & unussual
> gear, unless you order it (& buy it).    Thanks