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Re: Question: EDP powering up problem

Title: Re: Question: EDP powering up problem
Från: TomHeasley@aol.com

A couple of months ago, when powering up before a show, my EDP foot controller wouldn't work...Tim Nelson happened to be there and told me to unconnect/reconnect the jacks, after which it was fine - static electricity I seem to recall him saying it had to do with.  Maybe related to your experience, which doesn't seem OT to me.


Thanks Tom. It looks like it is static electricity related. After simply reconnecting the power chord it's working again.

> Well guess Kim will give you a definative answer soon, but till then.
> 1) Did you power off for long enough? Just flicking off & on upsets the EDP

Yes, definitely.
> 2) If not the above, then I'd suspect the mains switch of not switching
> cleanly.
>   So might be worth squirting some switch cleaner in there.
> andy butler   

On a brand new EDP? Well, I could try it... maybe you're right. Got to buy some cleaner first, anyway.


Per Boysen