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Re: Short review of the Boss RC-20

Om and In......
Hi Bill I saw your posts on loopers-delight... I have a repeater that's 
still in the box...I was going to maybe see if we could hook it up to 
capture some loops...I have the RC 20 as well and I like it alot...I need 
consolidate my rig so I don't have soooooooo much stuff to haul around.  
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Dave
>Yo Funkay! The RC-20 does in fact have an undoe function. You must fist
>store a loop in memory, then if you decide to overdub on top of it, you 
>erase your overdub(s) without destroying the loop in memory, however I
>don't know if you can perform this feature while the loop is going, ei.. I
>believe you must stop the loop to perform this function. i don't own one,
>but I checked it out pretty thouroughly and it is indeed a worthy box, and
>I too like its diminutive size and simplicity.
>Loop On

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