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Re: midi footcontroller

Something to watch out for as far as 'standard midi messages' go, many 
contollers (most?) only send a subset of 'standard' midi messages.  If you 
only want to send program changes, then you don't need to question what 
subset that might be since program change support is the one thing that is 
always supported.

At 04:00 PM 2001/11/01 -0800, someone wrote:
>i bought a peavey mfc 10 and am waiting for it to show up. it has ten
>buttons (ten banks of ten presets) and provisions for 2 expression
>pedals. i've mentioned this both here and at the electrix site and noone
>replied. i bought mine for about $120USD and the place still has 2 left
>if anyone is interested. you can still download the manual from peavey
>too. it was designed for one of their midi amps, but it also sends
>standard midi messages, so i don't see why it wouldn't work? seems like a
>great controller to me! tho' i do say that before getting it :-)