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Re: music tools

And it seems at first glance that the Lickmachine software may
be useful for the kind of situation Bobdog is in, needing to
trigger percussion pieces in a performance.  They seem to imply
that midi information can be used to determine a number of
playback parameters including note density, velocity and others.
Realtime record and playback, apparently.  Hmmmm.

And you wouldn't need all the weird shit I was talking about!


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Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 3:09 AM
Subject: music tools

> hey,
> I know we talk a lot about software, and I haven't seen
anything on the list
> about this small cool company from the Netherlands.
> http://www.steim.nl/products.html
> LiSa has total live loopage possibilities, although I don't
drag my Mac on
> the road with me.  Oh, btw, before you start drooling, it's
all Mac stuff.
> Mark Sottilaro