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Hi all. I've been using some freeware vst plug-ins (for pc) for some
time,now. I've found many of them in various magazines, and I found them
The first ones are:

Simon Cantrills vst plug.ins :
sc04seconds stereo delay
sc12seconds stereo delay
sc60seconds stereo delay
sc multidelay
sc multitap delay
sc stereo pan

Don't know really where they are downloadable, but the e-mail of the author
is: vst@cantrisoft.demon.co.uk (at least that is what is in the read.me

Other great freeware plug-ins are mds-vst plug-ins (there are even some 
virtual instruments in vsti format)
I love their combo plug.in. It reveals to be really useful on guitar tracks
(best on distorted ones)

They are downloadable at www.mda-vst.com

A pair of free virtual synths are at muon-software

Tau-bassline (a 303 clone)
Atom (pretty little synth)

Downloadable at www.muon-software.com/products/products.html

And then a great Tracker. It is vst compatible, midifile compatible, and 
use almost every bitrate or samplerate wav files. It exports in .mp3 and in
stereo and quad wav format.

The program is Modplug-Tracker

Downloadable at www.modplug.com

As far as multitracking goes there is a nice italian software called
n-track. It is damn cheap, has some quality plug-ins and is vst and directx
plug-ins compatible.Up to 24/96 audio.

Downloadable at www.n-track.com


P.S. I love the coagula soft too.