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Re: Kim on EDP

> Andy-
>  I think delay mode on the echoplex will do what you want. 
>  Insert and Multiply still work the same in delay mode as they do in 
>  mode. So what you could do is, use a pedal in the expression jack. 
>  you want to do your multiply without any audio added, put the echoplex 
>  delay mode. (you can switch it on the fly while loops are going, if you 
>  need to.) Then just turn the loop input volume down and do your 
>  insert. Then turn it back up again whenever you want to add stuff to 
>  loop. 
>  hope this helps,
>  kim
Thanks for that Kim, but doesn't this mean I'd have to hit Insert and move 
that pedal simultaneously in order to go directly into Insert. Also I'd 
avoiding adding yet another pedal to my set up!
I'm also thinking about changing my MIDI controller to one that doesn't 
the latency, which would allow me control the volume and Insert in one 

Well guess I'd better hook that pedal up then. 

andy butler