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Re: Matthias/Kim 8th/beats

At 01:40 AM 9/25/2001, John Tidwell wrote:
>Do you still intend to increase the range of the
>8th/beats parameter? I prefer syncing my drum machine
>to the EDP, but I often record loops that are too
>long for the drum machine to play at a decent speed.

yes, it will go much further.

>I've never gotten the hang of using INSERT to set the
>cycle length within a loop,(especially when I don't
>know myself, sometimes, where the loop is going).

I would encourage you to keep trying. I find using the Record-Insert 
is really handy for midi clock. You can also use Record-Multiply as a tap 
tempo, where the multiply tap comes on the downbeat where you want the 
to start. Don't play anything between tapping record and multiply, 
the multiply tap as your startpoint. This way the drum machine will start 
right with you as you begin recording the loop, in the tempo that you 
tapped. (that's the technique I was thinking about when somebody asked 
about tap tempo on the echoplex a while ago and I never got around to 


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