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Re: midi merging

Where can one purchase a Peavy PC-1600x?  I searched the web and came up
with nothing.  I know Peavy doesn't give big volume discounts to the big
retailers, which is why you don't see their stuff on Musician's Feind,
but is there any place to get it other than small retailers?  Frankly, I
couldn't even find a Peavy webpage.

Claude Voit wrote:

> John Tidwell wrote:
> >
> > Thanks Greg. I needed a little reassurance before I
> > actually ordered the thing.
> >
> > I've only had the PC-1600x for a few weeks, so I'm
> > still learning my way around it. I wish I had bought
> > one years ago. I can already tell that it's one of
> > my smarter equipment purchases.
> the pc 1600x editor I'm using
> http://www.kvitek.com/midi/
> and _the_ pc1600x site
> http://www.defectiverecords.com/pc1600/pc1600.html
> Claude