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Re: midi merging

I've used the quadramerge for a while now and it works perfectly.
BTW I'm also using a pc1600x to control the CV-5, let me know if
you want to share ideas.

John Tidwell wrote:

> OK, here's the deal...
> I need to merge midi pc/cc from my PC1600x, midi clock
> from my EDP, & midi note from a Roland GI-10, so that
> all go to the midi input of my JKJ CV-5 Midi/CV
> converter.
> I also want to merge the EDP's midi clock
> & the GI-10's midi note, to go to the midi in of an
> Oberheim Drummer.
> The best thing I can think of to this point is to use
> a Midi Solutions Quadra Merge to connect the 3 midi
> outs to the CV-5's in & them use the CV-5's midi thru
> to feed the Obie Drummer.
> Can anyone here vouch for the Quadra Merge &/or
> recommend another device to meet my needs?
> Many thanks.
> John
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