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Re: OT:Octave choice

Title: RE: OT:Octave choice
Thanks for the help yall- I tried the EBS or whatever, the MXR, and the DOD- I was unimpressed by all of them- esp the MXR- poor tracking- the EBS *might* have sounded a little better but it didn't sound $50 better than the DOD- so I got the DOD and looped my ass off for 3 hours last night- I love the EDP- I had clock coming from drum machine to FilterFactory, Mo-Fx, and M-One then to EDP with sync IN and SwitchQuant ON- bitchin! Stayed in sync for over 15min- pretty amazing considering they are different clocks in parallel-
I did experience 1 bug which I could not reproduce- I had 4 loops and I think SwitchQuant was off at the time- I was pressing NextLoop and going through them when the EDP apparently reset and displayed the Loop 3m essage and lost the loops- hope it was 1 in a million-
Anyway, my quest for a great Octave pedal is not over- I will try every one I can get my hands on and let you know- I will even try the Dan-O only because there are some glowing reviews on HC- who knows- I can hope! I don't understand how my new M-One can do octave so deeply shitty and a cheap ass DOD does it way better- kind of dissapointing- but I didn't buy the M-One for octave-
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Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 10:25 AM
Subject: RE: OT:Octave choice

the cheap Dano Octave is just that...cheap.  What do you intend to use it
for?  I have tried a number of ocatvers on bass (what I play), and, in
short, have found you get what you pay for.  The best, again this is for
bass is the EBS Octabass.  But, that is a bit pricey. The DOD might be fine
for guitar, but the Boss Oc2 would be better.
Or if you wanna spend a little more, I believe Fulltone has a nice one!

** i don't think that the dod is very good.

the ebs is good, seems to track lower than the boss.

the boss is pretty good and it does both two octaves and one octave down.

to my knowledge, fulltone doesn't make a pedal that does low octave (and i've tried to get him to make one) - - fuller makes a upper octave fuzz.

the new mxr line features a low octave, don't know about how it is.

i'd look at the harmony-central web site effects section for reviews of each pedal.