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Re: dt harmony-central repeater review

At 04:38 PM 9/19/2001, you wrote:
>yeah, it is but isnt this a conflict of interest goin on here...(just 

yeah, I ask people from the list to send in reviews to put on the LD site, 
and instead you all are sending them to harmony-central! Traitors! :-)


ps, I do need more repeater reviews...I've got a few that I will be 
up shortly, but I know some of you are quite familiar with the unit now 
can give a very useful review that will be helpful to others. thanks....

on 9/19/01 2:01 PM, hutton at hutton@pathcom.com wrote:
>Thanks for the imfo.  ........ Very insightful!
>"Liebig, Steuart A." wrote:
>for what it's worth . . .
>mr torn has reviewed the repeater on harmony-central. i don't remember 
>really giving much of his take on it on this list.
>in any event, i think it gives a slightly different slant on the box.
>here's the link, it's (as of right now) the first review on the page.

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