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Re: EDP question/etc.

> I wonder how you treat all this in Kyma?

Hmmm, we covered a lot of topics.  I'll try to respond to each.

1) I don't see any need to initially record in REVERSE.

2) I've thought a great deal about pitch-shifting, tempo-shifting, and
pitch-tempo-shifting.  Kyma already has several ways of doing this so, for
the time being, I'm using them.  As a design theology, I'm trying to 
only new features and capabilities.

3) I'm trying to eliminate the need for an auto-undo.  At least as I
understand the concept.  I've got the undo working for overdubbing and
multiply.  I have not implemented INSERT yet, though I have a scheme that
should work.  (I've been too busy writing "foundation code".)  As you know,
a true INSERT requires that the looper device is always recording.  Say 
a loop has been recorded into buffer A and it's being played back.  As an
implementaion of INSERT: a) the looper is recording internally from buffer 
to buffer B.  b) If INSERT has not occurred by the time playback ends, we
discard buffer B and replay buffer A.  c) Upon receipt of the INSERT 
(during playback), the playback from buffer A instantly stops but recording
into buffer B continues with real-time audio.  Upon release of INSERT mode,
playback from buffer A commences from where it left off, again recording
into buffer B.  At the end of buffer A playback, we commence playback of
buffer B.

Actually, I rather like the blinking of the EDP's UNDO LED!  But then I
really like blinking lights.  :)

Dennis Leas