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Re: Repeater Synch Workaround.

>Brett Maraldo wrote:
>>  now the question is if you do follow Sottilaro's suggestion, can you
>>  in fact start up the loop with the master and have it work? let me go
>>  try it.
>>  no. it doesn't work. it's better but it still doesn't sync up.
>>  plexus
>Not sure what you mean by "start up the loop with the master" For my 
>work around
>to work, you'll need to be listening to the beat as you make it.  If 
>trying to make a loop separate without the drum track and synch it 
>not sure how that would happen, as it would be very hard to start the 
>loop and
>the drums exactly at the same time.  At that point, they'd still 
>probably synch,
>but would be reliant on you for starting them at the same time.  Probably 
>too much of a problem unless you're looping the same program your drum 
>is playing.  I'll have to experiment on this, though this isn't the 
>way I'd work
>with the Repeater.

we worked a lot on this for the new EDP soft. Claude Voit was very 
helpfull to indicate the necessary functions to align MIDI machines 
with running loops, in both directions.
He promissed to explain them himself, after he finishes the CD he is 
working on. Right, Claude? ;-)
Watch out...

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