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RE: Bump issue.


I mean no disrespect to your or Electrix, but the reality is that
Electrix should make a decision as to how the Repeater will be
positioned in the marketplace and effectively communicate this openly to
everyone.  Doing this would be extremely helpful to individuals that
purchase it and will know what they are getting into.  It is next to
impossible to believe that Repeater is the end all be all of looping
devices.  As many things as it does well, there are things that are
becoming apparent that it cannot do, and based on comments from you and
other moderators at the Elecrix site, it will most likely never do (at
least not in current plans and the foresable future).  To me it seems
vitally important for new producst being released at a minimum, embrace
the technology and methods that have been established and proven through
the evolution of previous products.  It is one thing to try new methods,
never before tried and for people to work with the new methods until
they either fall by the wayside or stick and become the new standard.
But to incorporate older features/methods into a product that have
already been improved upon and lead everyone to believe that your
product has the better capabilities is in my opinion misleading.  This
bump issue is a case in point and a source of frustration for new
Repeater owners, but yet has already been improved and for the most
part, eliminated with the methods employed by the EDP.  I don't put this
issue into the same category as the midi sync problem which is not one
of implementation, but rather one of compliance.  But, now I am reading
posts here and at the Electrix site that the bump issue is either not as
important to deal with at this time, or may not be able to be alleviated
due to the 4 track architecture of the device.

I think the Repeater is a very interesting and useful piece of equipment
for my setup, but it would sure help me to understand how its purpose is
being defined by Electrix so that I can stop wasting time trying to
figure out if it will ever do something in particular (that Electrix has
no intention of offering) that I think it might do, so that I can spend
the time using it for the things that I will ultimately use it for.  As
I said in a previous post, the cost of a piece of equipment is only
partly attributed to its sticker price.  Eventually, the price of time
being spent trying to find work arounds, or fixes, or learning the
interface and its capabilities far exceeds its original purchase price.
I am not talking about beta equipment or software either as I work with
that already.  Help me so that I don't have to waste any more of my time
trying to figure out what I should do with it.


Steve Ginn

> Wow! Now this one is harsh. 
> >I understand you're dealing with four tracks and stereo and 
> pitch and 
> >and and, well what good is all that if it doesn't do something as 
> >simple as record and play back what you are intending to 
> loop? I've got 
> >a RPTR, thankfully I didn't buy it for its looping capabilities
> (to
> >me that was (is) an unkown, as it doesn't loop, it records 
> what you do 
> >and then some which makes it impossibly hard to make a sharp 
> loop from 
> >the outset). I bought the RPTR cause everything said it was good at 
> >mashing up loops and it does that very very well, so Bravo and 
> >continued success on that end.
> Respect,
> Damon Langlois
> Creative Director
> Electrix 
> Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100 http://www.electrixpro.com