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Re: Bump issue.

snippit -
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From: Damon Langlois (Electrix) <Damon@Electrixpro.com>
To: 'Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com'
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 8:29 PM
Subject: RE: Bump issue.

>We are looking at reducing the "bump" at the loop splice point. Going
>immediately into overdub is a bigger deal but is also being looked at. 
>is the price you might have to pay for 4 tracks per loop. There is a lot
>more going on under the hood than a mono looper.

>Let us also put things into perspective. "Blemish free" drones where a
>contiguous signal passes over the loop point are not really possible with
>any looper. (Get your sine waves out and try it). It's a matter of making

>less audible which is where the multiple overdub technique come in. We 
>to look at the loop splice point first and see if we can improve this area
>before we get into the immediate overdub issue, especially since there are
>work arounds for this.
>Damon Langlois
>Creative Director
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Damon -

No offense intended but have you ever tried an EDP? I;ve got two at my
place, I would suggest you try them out in stereo if you haven't already 
you may better understand what some folks on the list are trying to 
not only is it possible to get neat loops, it's been happening for somer
time now.
I understand you're dealing with four tracks and stereo and pitch and and
and, well what good is all that if it doesn't do something as simple as
record and play back what you are intending to loop?
I've got a RPTR, thankfully I didn't buy it for its looping capabilities 
me that was (is) an unkown, as it doesn't loop, it records what you do and
then some which makes it impossibly hard to make a sharp loop from the
outset). I bought the RPTR cause everything said it was good at mashing up
loops and it does that very very well, so Bravo and continued success on
that end.
Now for my only suggestion to ya'll is: Call the RPTR what it is, whatever
you decide it is and maybe angle away from all this loop talk, because in
that regard the RPTR simply does not cut it (very much my opinion, but that
what you get when you sell products :) The RPTR is also not a delay unit in
any real way, ask  a looper what a loop is and nine times out of ten (at
least i'd hope) they would use the word delay somewhere in their
explaination even if it is missapplied, the RPTR doesn't get into all that,
because it's a lot closer to a sampler (with a few glitches and bugs) than
any type of delay unit.
Good hearted laughter on my part Damon, I know you folks must be going
through lots to get everything done as quickly and professionally as
possible and I think you've done a bang up jop, the RPTR came out before it
should have, but we wouldn't wait and we were warned.
PS: I would have preferred to have waited another year for a RPTR that
actually loops
(that may still be a cool thing, it's just not what Electrix makes right
oh and you're making ambient a dirty word!, but I think we've all done that
at some time or another!