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RE: Raymond (was PMC10 problem)


I don't doubt that I am probably doing something wrong here, I just wish
I could figure out what it was so that I could correct the problem.


> Steve  says:
> <I performed a download of my PMC10 using Raymond and then 
> saved the file on my PC.  Everything seemed like it was 
> working just fine.  Then <for some reason, I accidently did 
> an upload of the current saved document, however the PMC10 
> reacted by flashing its display erratcially <and then ending 
> with a message in the display stating to press enter to 
> reset.  Low and behold, the system was reset back to factory 
> <defaults and now I can't seem to restore the saved document 
> that I created using Raymond.  Any ideas would be very 
> helpful . I would rather <not have to manually set everything 
> back up (82 patches, 12 banks, etc.).  My midi connections 
> appear to be working properly, just for some <reason when 
> Raymond says that it is transferring data, the PMC10 doesn't 
> seem to be putting it where it needs to be.
> I am grateful to Sean for having created Raymond, and use it 
> all the time. Gotta say, tho, the PMC is a little bitch 
> sometimes, and I have lost data before from (mis)using this 
> program (user error, I am sure).  I have started back my 
> files up as sysx as a failsafe in addition to using Raymond 
> for data management, 'cause I hate to lose all that hard 
> work. Gary PS  It's not Raymond's fault