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Re: Raymond (was PMC10 problem)

Thanks Gary.  One thing to note is that the files that Raymond 
are raw sysex files (f0...f7).  You could use a third party sysex utility 
to handle the PMC10 <-> PC communication if you ever suspected that the 
MIDI engine in Raymond was at fault for corruption.


At 07:47 PM 9/4/2001, Gary Lehmann wrote:

>I am grateful to Sean for having created Raymond, and use it all the time.
>Gotta say, tho, the PMC is a little bitch sometimes, and I have lost data
>before from (mis)using this program (user error, I am sure).  I have 
>back my files up as sysx as a failsafe in addition to using Raymond for 
>management, 'cause I hate to lose all that hard work.
>PS  It's not Raymond's fault