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RE: midi pedals

Hi loopeepul--
I called Digitech repair in Sandy, Utah (a division of Harmon Music) and
asked about having my second, slightly less functional PMC-10 refurbished.
$85 will do it--and they led me to believe that most parts (but not all)
were available for the job.  I asked specifically about the electric
switches, part number 44-0032.  I don't know if these are the items RZ
refers to, but heck, I don't know what all my unit needs.  After all, it
works fine--it's just that not all the switches respond as well as others
(and one CC jack is funky).  This can be a hang when (frankly) one is a bit
fuzzy as to what comes next musically.  Still trying to get my central
nervous system trained 8^)

In any case, they also had a few local (LA, Calif) shops they authorized
(well OK, suggested) for the repair.  Bottom line is, nothing I have
knowledge of does what this thing does--that's why I have two.  If I 
a Repeater, this unit is perfect to control it.  It certainly enhances my
control of the EDP--I've got a switch for instant reverse, for example.  If
someone makes a better pedal, I'll buy it--after I get another steady gig,
that is :)