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PMC10 problem

Title: PMC10 problem

Hi Sean (or any LD PMC10 owner),

I performed a download of my PMC10 using Raymond and then saved the file on my PC.  Everything seemed like it was working just fine.  Then for some reason, I accidently did an upload of the current saved document, however the PMC10 reacted by flashing its display erratcially and then ending with a message in the display stating to press enter to reset.  Low and behold, the system was reset back to factory defaults and now I can't seem to restore the saved document that I created using Raymond.  Any ideas would be very helpful … I would rather not have to manually set everything back up (82 patches, 12 banks, etc.).  My midi connections appear to be working properly, just for some reason when Raymond says that it is transferring data, the PMC10 doesn't seem to be putting it where it needs to be.