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RE: Best Repeater Deals

Hi Tim,  Thanks for the heads up.  My sincerest apologies to whoever was
negatively affected by my post.  I am new to the group and I was only 
to help.  So... please disregard my last post. ;)

I decided to post the info after hearing about the English prices (almost a
grand for a Repeater) and after a list member emailed me with pricing info.


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At 05:27 PM 8/31/01 -0700, TG wrote:
>If anyone finds a cheaper price, be sure to post it!

Wasn't there some sort of, um, unwritten etiquette thing about not posting
the prices on group buys/special discounts?

I hope I'm wrong because this sort of information would be very useful to
the list at large, but I seem to remember a few instances of ruffled
feathers over the past couple of years involving price disclosures.

Tim (another one)