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Tom Heasley in Baltimore 9/7/2001

 Hi All, again,

Just thought I'd repeat this as a reminder to anyone who wants to come
(Our tiny space is filling up.). So far we have three LD list members
coming, and Tom and I are two of them. The last time I sent this to you,
it may have been eclipsed by the official announcement of shipped

Tom Heasley will be performing in Baltimore, Maryland USA, on Friday,
September 7, from 7-9pm at my house. Tom plays the Mirafone 188 Tuba,
PVC Didjeridu, throat sings a bit, and applies digital processing: yes
he loops! He uses the EDP, the DL4, and some other cool gadgets.

This will be a small gathering of maybe 30 adults and children; we'll
try to wrap up by 9pm so the very little ones can stay in tune with
bedtime routines. Adult admission is $10 and kids are free.

Read about Tom's musical paths here:


And check out a review of his latest release here:


Please e-mail me off-list if you'd like to come; I'll give you
directions, etc. I hope some of you delightful Baltimore area loopers
can come and hear Tom, and hang out.

Michael Preston