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Re: EDP Feedback control help

Nothing going into the feedback outlet on the back, I reset the parameters,
set to "loop", feedback still stuck at 100% no matter what the front knob
position is. I guess if its gonna be stuck thats where I want it. ;+b

I guess I can either get an outboard volum pedal to control feedback or get
the pot fixed for the knob.

What is the usual place you all get EDPs fixed? Thanks for all your help!
What a great buncha helpful folks!

Doug Miller
Web Designer
Columbus, Ohio


> If you are uncertain about it, you can also reset the parameters to
> defaults by holding the parameter button down at startup, and leaving it
> pressed until it finishes the bootup.
> If you've done that and nothing is connected to the feedback pedal input 
> the back, there may well be something wrong with it.