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Re: Importing gear from other countries

on 31/8/01 5:58 pm, Mark Pulver at mark@midiwall.com wrote:

> You'll want to check with the distributor for your country, or the
> manufacturer themselves (Damon may want to comment for Electrix) about
> warranty status when you do this.
> I know that many of the distributors here in the US will _NOT_ honor
> warranties on gear that was purchased outside of the US and shipped in. 
> example, JoMoX is VERY adamant about this, and the distributor made 
>quite a
> statement a year ago or so on the Analogue Heaven mailing list.
In most cases warranty doesn't apply unless otherwise stated. Some dealers
offer world-wide coverage at an additional charge. It has to be checked
before buying anyway.
I have also noticed that in the last year or so several US dealers selling
on-line have added to their site a note specifying that they can't sell
direct to European customers.
I presume there must have been some new international trade agreement to
make it more difficult for Europeans to buy from the States.

As for the limit in value that someone mentioned. In the UK Customs don't
check parcels with a declared value of up to  18 (roughly 25 US $).
Anything more than that and they can legally open the parcel and charge
import tax etc.

Mark smuggler Red from Norway suggested:
> Or if you wanna be really naughty, do what I do here in Norway (where its
> bloody expensive to import).
> Ask the seller to mark the customs declaration that its a repair item, 
> you sent to the US to be fixed/upgraded. Works like a dream!
It works (although it's blatantly illegal) as long as the Custom officers
don't decide to check. I know of a couple of instances when parcels marked
as repairs were checked and, since the item was evidently new, the person
receiving was made to pay a consistent fine on top of the duty.

.. you can try asking the seller to leave the box out in the rain for a few
days, use the polystyrene casing to feed the dog, scratch the outer body of
the item and sandpaper the knobs...


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