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Re: Attn Kim, members and Mr Tiscali

I have a suggestion, if all of us fwd his spam back to him, it will fill
his mailbox and bring him to his knees quite quickly.  I know Kim has a no
kick policy, but in this case I feel it's needed.

Mark Sottilaro

Tom Ritchford wrote:

> >Guys
> >May I suggest we throw Mr.Tiscali grazianoaccinni@tiscalinet.it out of
> >LD
> >
> >You may have noticed that he's been spamming the list out of proportion
> >adding his promo link to whatever post he chooses to reply to without
> >any content whatsoever more than 10 times.
> agree 100%.  throw him out unless he contributes positively.
>     /t
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