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RE: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

Wow.  That's twice what some people have paid.  What are the legal issues 
ordering it from the US and paying shipping?  Or better yet, having a 
in the US buy it and send it to you separately?  Good luck.  And sorry to
hear about the exorbitant price.


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Subject: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

> Alto Music was selling them for under 500 bucks a piece.  They got 
> out by Electrix so they raised the price to $549.  I ordered mine for 
> from Sixte Cycle (affiliated with Leitz Music in Florida).  Guitar Center
> selling them for $599.

just found out that the UK list price is 649 pounds - about $950!

once again, we get screwed royally.  :(

I wonder if Electrix know about this, or whether it's just the distributor
hiking the price?